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Trucking Insurance

Trucking Insurance Information

If you are an independent trucker or work for a trucking company, then you will need the customized protection provided by trucking insurance. This coverage is designed to protect drivers and owners of these high-risk, heavy vehicles, along with their cargo. However, you must tailor your benefits to your specific needs, and that will mean digging deep into the details of all your policy options.  

For help putting together your perfect trucking insurance plan, you can rely on ACF Insurance Services We can help all truckers build the plan that will offer them the best safety guards for both their commercial and driving liabilities. As an independent, client-focused agency, we will comprehensively search the insurance market to help you find the perfect plan for you.  

To get your policy, all you need to do is call 919-878-7786 or get a free quote online. 

Common Trucking Insurance Questions  

How Does Trucking Insurance Work?

At the core of the services offered by commercial truckers is transportation. If you are one of them, then you have an obligation to do your job safely, efficiently and professionally. However, if you fail, then the results might hurt other people and cost a lot of money. By having trucking insurance, you will be able to pay the recovery costs without costing your business an arm and a leg.  

What Kind Of Insurance Do Truck Drivers Need?  

Truckers need to insure both the vehicles they use and the business liabilities they assume. Therefore, they will need several types of coverage within their trucking plan:  

  • Physical Damage Insurance: This will pay for damage to your truck and trailer following collisions or other accidents.

  • Non-owned Trailer Physical Damage Coverage: If you own your cab but not your trailer, then you will likely have to insure the trailer separately.

  • Motor Truck Cargo Insurance: As a subset of inland marine insurance, cargo insurance insures the items in your truck that are shipments.

  • Primary Trucking Liability Insurance: Liability coverage pays for third-party injuries or property damage that occur because a wreck is your fault. Primary coverage pays for at-fault accidents that occur while you are on dispatch.

  • Non-Trucking Liability Insurance: When you drive your truck for personal or non-business purposes, you can extend your liability coverage during this time.

  • Trucking General Liability Insurance: During times of loading, unloading or other activities involving a parked truck, this coverage can apply. It will pay for third-party property damage or bodily injuries.

  • Bobtail Liability Coverage: If you are driving without a trailer or with an empty trailer (even on dispatch), then this liability coverage will apply.

  • Environmental Liability Coverage: Truckers who haul hazardous materials or contaminants will need this coverage. It can help you clean up damage and pay other costs resulting from spills and other accidents.

A full-time trucker will also likely qualify for workers compensation coverage if they get hurt in a wreck on the job. Talk to your agent about the best way to tweak your plan to your benefit.  

How Much Insurance Does A Trucking Company Need?  

There are a multitude of laws and regulations that govern how much truck insurance you need to carry.  

  • Most independent truckers and trucking companies must comply with coverage requirements set by the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA). Rules will differ based on various factors.

  • If you finance a truck when you buy it, then you might have to buy physical damage insurance.

  • Certain trucking companies must carry surety bonds.

Our agents are experts in all aspects of trucking insurance, which is why we are committed to working with you to determine where your coverage needs lie. Plus, if you are concerned about keeping your plan affordable, we can comprehensively search the insurance market to find you a plan that is both to your benefit, but still affordable.  

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