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The Raleigh area is a hub for the tech industry, higher education and health care. It also holds an affordable cost of living which makes it one of America’s most-desired places to live. When settling down in the area, let ACF Insurance Services help you find a tailored, affordable home insurance policy to suit your specific needs.

At ACF Insurance, we can cover your low cost home insurance needs. We can provide coverage for the following: non renewal, mobile home and manufactured home. Home insurance claims and bad credit are no problem. We also write cheap renters insurance.

What Is Home Insurance?

Think of homeowners insurance as an investment in your financial security. With it, you can get help pay for unexpected, unpreventable home damage.

Let’s say you experience a house fire. This might lead to structural damage, destroyed possessions and damage to others’ property. Could you afford to pay the repair costs if this were to happen to you? Most of us couldn’t (and wouldn’t want to) without the help of our insurance. That’s why it is protection from which almost anyone can benefit. It is so important, in fact, that mortgage lenders often require you to have a policy.

Which Coverage Options Are Available For Homeowners?

Some of the coverage options from which most homeowners can benefit includes:

  • Property Insurance: Coverage can pay for structural repairs or a full property reconstruction. You’ll need to obtain enough protection for the full, present value of your house.
  • Possessions Coverage: This pays for lost belongings, such as electronics, furniture, clothing and food. Ask your agent to help you set adequate per-item and cash value limits for replacements.
  • Liability Coverage: This covers you in the event you cause injury or property damage to a third party. For example, if someone gets hurt in your home, this coverage can help pay their medical bills.
  • Excess Cost Coverage: If you must move out during repairs, this coverage can help supplement your costs. It might pay for hotel bills, meals and other necessities.

What Are Specialty Protections For Homeowners Insurance?

On top of your standard options, you’ll likely need more individualized protection.

  • Umbrella Coverage: This enhances your existing liability coverage with higher financial limits. It can also cover items excluded from your standard coverage.
  • Scheduled Items Coverage: This provides specific protection for specialty items, such as jewelry, fur or art.
  • Identity Theft Coverage: This protects the losses you may encounter following identity theft. It may also pay for identity recovery options.
  • Flood Coverage: Standard homeowners insurance doesn’t cover floods. However, you can buy supplemental flood insurance to protect you with this to give you peace of mind.
  • Water Backup Coverage: This covers damage from sewer, drains or septic tank damage.
  • Earthquake Coverage: Damage from earthquakes may not have coverage under standard policies.
  • Pet Liability Coverage: If you have a pet, it could damage someone else’s property or injure them. Make sure your liability insurance addresses their risks to others.

What Is The Average Cost Of Homeowners Insurance In North Carolina?

Homeowners insurance rates — similar with car insurance rates — can vary from person to person based on several factors. Some factors that can make rates vary include amount of coverage on the home, the location of the property in relation to the fire department and a fire hydrant, the additional coverages you add on to the quote and claims history

Do You Have To Have Homeowners Insurance In North Carolina?

If your home has a mortgage on it, then your bank or lender will require you carry home insurance until your home is paid off. After you pay off your home, it would be smart to continue carrying home insurance in the event of a catastrophic property loss, such as a fire or hurricane. It can also be useful in the event a liability claim or suit against you.

How Much Is Property Tax In North Carolina?

North Carolina property tax rates are relatively low compared to most other states. The average property tax is around 0.90 percent, which is 21st lowest in the country.

Does Home Insurance Cover Flood?

No, you would have to obtain a separate flood policy in North Carolina. But, some carriers are moving into the direction of offering flood coverage as an endorsement or add-on to a home policy. We may soon see this becoming more common with the multiple floods and natural disasters over the last several years.

How Does Replacement Cost Insurance Work?

In most cases, Replacement Cost coverage will result in a higher claims payout than not having replacement cost coverage. However, you would have to have the home insured for the amount you would need to replace it.

Why Choose ACF Insurance Services?

ACF Insurance Services has provided home owners in the greater Raleigh area valuable coverage and commendable service since the agency opened in 1991. We want to make choosing a home insurance policy as easy of an experience as possible. Our team can compare plan costs and coverage options across multiple providers. We can also help give you an idea of what replacement cost will be on your home with several of our replacement cost estimators. It is very important that your home is insured for the proper amount of coverage in the event you have a total loss. We can help you and lead you in the right direction to get you the coverage you need at an affordable price.

Ready To Get Started?

Contact us today for a fast, free home insurance quote. You can start online or over the phone. Our Raleigh office phone number is (919) 878-7786. You may also reach us at our South Raleigh/Garner location at (919) 661-1100. We can get you a quote very quickly and if interested, then we will do all the legwork for you. Even if your policy is set up on escrow with your house payment, we can still help and save you some time and money!

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