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ACF Insurance Services has issued many different types on Surety Bonds for our clients in Raleigh and surrounding cities in North Carolina since 1991. Some of the types of bonds that we handle the most are listed below. However, if you don't see the type of bond you are looking for, then all you have to do is call our Garner location at (919) 661-1100 and ask for Matt. Or submit this quick form and he will get back to you within one business day or less.

1. Vehicle Title Bonds

Individuals with insufficient proof of ownership of their vehicle must post a surety bond as a means of getting replacement title. The DMV will require that the bond amount be equal to 1.5 times the value of the vehicle. Applicants should verify the required amount of bond coverage with the DMV and get them to provide you with a print-out showing the required bond amount prior to acquiring the bond. They can provide this to you if you go to your local DMV and provide them with the VIN number from the vehicle or trailer. Title Bonds are normally needed if the original title has been either lost, stolen or determined to be defective for one reason or another.

2. Dishonesty Bonds

Employee dishonesty bonds are a type of bond which serves as protection for your business. Like insurance policies, they provide your company with a safety mechanism in case your employees engage in illegal actions — such as theft, burglary and embezzlement — on the job. Oftentimes Dishonesty Bonds are called Janitorial Bonds for cleaning services. Dishonesty Bonds are priced based on how much the coverage amount of the bond is, very similar to insurance. If you suffer damages due to the dishonest acts of your employees, you can file a claim with the surety. In most cases, there would need to be a conviction of the perpetrator before the bonding company will pay anything out on the claim.

3. Motor Vehicle Dealer Bond

By posting this surety bond, principals (vehicle dealers) guarantee that they will comply with not only all local, state and federal laws but also tax and judgment guidelines pertaining to North Carolina auto dealers. If the dealer or any of his or her employees commit fraud or other unlawful or unethical acts while on the job, the surety bond will protect all harmed parties from financial loss up to the full penal sum of the bond. Prohibited acts under this bond include: failing to comply with Articles 12 and 15 of Chapter 20 of the North Carolina General Statutes, failing to have an established salesroom, intentionally defrauding any retail buyer, employing fraudulent devices, methods or practices, using unfair methods of competition, knowingly advertising any statement that is untrue, misleading or deceptive, knowingly advertising a used motor vehicle for sale as a new motor vehicle, knowingly giving an incorrect certificate of title or failing to give a certificate of title to a purchaser after a vehicle is sold. Motor Vehicle Title Bond approvals rely very strongly on the potential clients' credit history, so if your credit is not very good, then this type of bond can be difficult to obtain or can be very costly.

4. Payment Bonds, Performance Bonds and Bid Bonds

Performance Bonds are very common bonds needed in larger scale construction projects where you may have a guarantee or contract for a specific job that must be completed in accordance with the terms and conditions of the contract. Bid Bonds guarantee that a bidder on a contract will accept and enter the contract if awarded the job. Payment Bonds guarantee subcontractors and suppliers are paid for work performed under the bonded contract.

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