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July 15, 2019

Will Car Insurance Rates Ever Drop To Pre-DUI Levels?

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No one sets out to get a DUI charge. However, it’s a mistake that many people make if they choose to drink and drive.

After a DUI charge, you might see that your car insurance premiums will increase. This is one of the penalties of committing such an infraction. Still, you might wonder if you will have to carry higher rates forever? Will your rates ever drop back to their pre-DUI levels?

You will likely have to cope with higher rates as long as you have a DUI on your driving record. All the same, you do have a reason to not make DUIs a frequent, or habitual, occurrence.

The Risks Of DUIs

DUIs — driving under the influence &mdash ;are driving charges that arise if a driver operates a vehicle while drunk or impaired by other substances, such as illicit drugs. These are severe mistakes for any driver to make, because if you drive drunk or impaired, you are not in full control of your senses.

When drunk, your ability to react, see, concentrate, think and make rational decisions diminishes. When driving, you need all of those senses in top working order. Otherwise, you might cause wrecks, property damage or injuries to other people. That’s why, if the police have a reason to suspect you of driving drunk, they can stop you. If they determine you are drunk, then they can charge you with a DUI.

To your car insurer, the DUI will equal a red flag. It will clearly show them that you have taken risky decisions behind the wheel. Therefore, you have a significant risk of filing a claim on your policy. To cover the additional cost risk, the insurer might have no choice but to raise your car insurance premium.

Stabilizing Rates After DUIs

In many cases, your rates might double following a DUI. After your premium goes up, you might wonder what you can do to try to return your rates to a more-affordable level.

Sometimes, your car insurer can help you change policies following the DUI. Some car insurance policies will cost less than others, even though you’ll still likely pay more than you would have before the DUI itself.

One of the main ways to get lower rates in the future is to avoid reoffending. DUI charges remain on your record — usually for three to five years (or more, depending on your state).

After the DUI disappears from your record, your rates might drop. Sometimes, your rates will even drop before the DUI disappears. However, the goal is not to get another DUI. If you can demonstrate that you are a safer driver, you can likely keep low rates in the long-term.

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