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December 17, 2018

Why You Should Avoid Tickets And Driving Citations

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No one wants to get a driving ticket. However, sometimes mistakes happen. Regardless of how innocent the transgression, the effects might prove severe. Tickets can lead to everything from loss of driving privileges to higher insurance. Why do these penalties occur?

Driving is a public safety hazard. Tickets are the way the authorities keep track of your infractions. So, if you rack up tickets, you’ll likely see ramifications.

What Do Tickets Represent?

Tickets are more than just fees. They are also legal penalties for breaking the law. So, they are more likely to raise your risks as a driver. To your insurer and the authorities, risks represent trouble.

In driving, your operating risk is the likelihood you have of an accident or other mishap. The more problems you have on the road, the higher your risk level. Therefore, if you go from having no tickets to getting a ticket, you’ll likely see penalties. The authorities might assess you fines, license points and suspensions might result. These will carry their own financial penalties and losses.

Even so, you might see an increase in your auto insurance premium from your insurer. That is because the ticket will represent a cost risk to your insurer. This means the insurer has a higher likelihood of having to pay a claim on your behalf. Even if you never receive another ticket again, it is the chance of one occurring that will drive up your risk rate. As a result, the insurer might charge you more for your coverage.

Improving Your Driving Risks

Once you receive a ticket, you’ll need to report it to your insurer. While this might lead to higher prices, it often won’t mean a permanent dent in your premiums.

When reporting, talk to your ACF Insurance agent. Ask your agent what you can do to keep premiums affordable. At times you might be able to:

  • Let your agent re-shop your policies to help you find similar coverage at a lower price.
  • Increase your policy deductibles, which often lead to lower premiums.
  • See if you can qualify for new coverage discounts. For example, if you take a safe driving course, you might be able to stabilize your rates.

Often, tickets will only remain on your driving record for a couple of years. Once they disappear, you might see your rates decrease once again. Yet, the most severe infractions might remain on-record indefinitely. Thus, it is always best to drive as safely as you can to avoid tickets.

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