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April 4, 2013

Why Go with an Independent Auto Insurance Agent?

The main reason people choose to take advantage of the services of an independent Raleigh auto insurance agent, also called an insurance broker, is to save them time and effort while still finding the insurance policy that they want. Rather than finding and individually applying to many different insurance providers, you can have an independent insurance agent take your information—a single application on your part–and apply to all the available providers on your behalf.

After applying to different providers for you, an auto insurance broker can pick out the policies that best suit your needs based on what you’ve specified. There’s no guarantee an agent can find precisely what you want, but within reason, an independent agent can get you as close as possible to the coverage and price you desire.

Where customers who buy directly from large auto insurance companies are limited to the policies and procedures for those companies, those who buy from independent agents are more likely able to affect change in how their policies are handled. Having an insurance broker, on your side can help you navigate various policy options to come up with the one that benefits you the most.

Along with the above point, those who purchase from independent auto insurance agents may be able to ensure less of their money goes directly to the kinds of big-dollar advertising techniques used by the big insurance chains. Independent insurance agents bring a level of decentralization to the process of buying insurance.

For some of today’s shoppers, keeping business transactions local represents an overall philosophy about how to use a household’s buying power. A “buy local” campaign most commonly applies to tangible goods like food, but these kinds of movements can influence insurance buying decisions as well.


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