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September 17, 2018

When To Call Your Insurer After Severe Storms

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Hurricane Florence has only just left our area. However, we will continue to experience the side effects for a long time. Though tallies are just starting, property losses will likely skyrocket into the hundreds of millions of dollars. If you have experienced personal losses, now is the time to get in touch with your insurance company. How can your policy help you repair your property in the coming months?

Homeowners Protection Following Severe Weather

Most home insurance policies will cover severe weather damage, including that of hurricanes. Pull out your policy and look at the coverage within.

  • Almost every homeowners policy will contain structure insurance. It will pay for repairs to the house itself. For example, if you need roof repairs, it can help cover these costs. Coverage might also extend to other buildings on your premises, like detached garages. In the event of a total home loss, your coverage can usually help you rebuild the house. Make sure you have enough coverage for the current cost of rebuilding the home (rather than resale value).
  • Most policies also offer possessions insurance. It might cover everything from lost food in the pantry, to damaged TVs and computers.
  • This coverage will have limits. It may not pay for particularly expensive items like jewelry or art. Indeed, most policies limit the dollar amount they will pay per item. Some even will only pay the depreciated cost of the possession at the time of loss.
  • Some policies include expenses protection. For example, if you must move out of the home temporarily, this coverage can cover costs like hotel or food bills.

The Limits To Hurricane Insurance

Keep in mind, all homeowners insurance has its limits. Check yours very carefully to see how it relates to hurricane damages.

  • Most policies will include deductibles. You’ll have to pay the deductible amount before your insurance will cover the rest of the costs. In some cases, policies have a separate, higher hurricane deductible.
  • Your policy will limit how much it will pay, total, for your damage. Check the upper limits of your coverage for more information.
  • Almost all policies do not cover floods or storm surge. You’ll need a separate flood insurance policy in the event of this loss. Some policies also exclude wind, hail or other damage.

Don’t hesitate to contact your agent as soon as you survey your home damage. Your ACF Insurance Services agent will help you determine where you have coverage under your home insurance policy. Many insurers will face a lot of claims in the coming months. Therefore, it is best to get your claim in early. With our help, you can recover from Florence with minimal hassle.

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