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October 9, 2020

What to do if your Insurance Lapses

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An insurance lapse occurs when an auto insurance policy is canceled and an individual has a period of time without insurance coverage. It is important to keep your insurance policy paid and active because if an accident occurs while a policy is canceled, insurance companies can deny claims. If you are notified of a lapse in insurance coverage, you will need to contact your insurance agency and determine whether you can reinstate your policy. Reinstating simply means that you will continue with the same policy you had prior to cancellation. If reinstatement is not possible, your insurance agent may suggest rewriting a new policy.

Other than the possibility of claims being denied if an accident occurs, a lapse in coverage can have many other consequences as well. For example, in North Carolina, the Department of Motor Vehicles is notified if an individual has a lapse in insurance coverage and a fine will typically incur. Along with this, there is the possibility that DMV can suspend or revoke your driver’s license. Finally, if you are making payments on the vehicle to a bank or finance company, your car can be repossessed. The moral of the story: be sure to pay your auto insurance on time to avoid extra expenses!

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