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July 23, 2015

What Happens Now After I got a DUI?

Hopefully it never does, but if you do happen to get a DUI, first offenders are likely to pay a fine and also face a suspension of your driver’s license. You will most definitely be required to attend a DUI education class and also serve a probationary period. Some states may have other penalties such as impounding your vehicle, community service, interlock devices and more. DUI penalties will vary from state to state. Some insurance carriers may jack up your rates or cancel you altogether! The one thing that will remain constant is the fact that you will need auto insurance before you can get back on the road. ACF Insurance Services, Inc. offers affordable coverage for DUI and DWI offenders for both liability and comprehensive and collision policies. We have carriers who specialize in providing affordable auto insurance for those who have been convicted of either a DUI or DWI in the last three years. With a low deposit and a variety of payment options and due dates you cannot go wrong with ACF Insurance Services for your Raleigh DUI auto insurance needs! We can even set this up for you right over the phone and send all the paperwork to you via email and e-signature! If confidentiality is your concern then you may CLICK HERE for an instant “quote and issue” policy if you like or submit a short contact form for one of our friendly staff to contact you. You may also visit our DUI Insurance Page for more information. Please let ACF Insurance help you during this difficult time!

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