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February 27, 2014

Tips for Staying Safe During Winter Construction

Construction is a hazardous industry year-round, but the risks increase during the harsh winter months. While more dangers are present, construction can safely continue so long as supervisors and workers know how to prevent and handle any potential winter-related issues that may arise. To maintain a safe worksite, try the following tips:

  •          Supervisors should inspect the entire worksite each morning during bouts of poor winter weather to check for problems such as icy steps or icicles dangling over a worksite. Some problems can be fixed, such as removing icicles so workers can safely work in that area, while others can only be managed until conditions improve, such as equipment being buried under snow and ice.
  •         All icy walkways, paths, steps etc. should be sprinkled with salt or sand and remain clear of debris.
  •          Work should be conducted slower to account for the higher chances of slipping and other injuries. Take your time and perform tasks as safely as possible under the current circumstances.
  •          While shoveling snow into piles may be easier than melting it, large piles can obstruct vision and cause hazards. A greater number of small piles is better than fewer large piles.
  •          Exposure to the elements can cause frostbite, hypothermia and other conditions under extreme circumstances. Supervisors and workers should be trained to recognize the symptoms and provide assistance, such as serving hot beverages and piling blankets on top of affected individuals, until medical professionals arrive.
  •          If space heaters are used, place them on fire-resistant services and ensure that there are no combustibles within a three-foot diameter. The room should be well-ventilated.
  •          Propane tanks should be stabilized in an upright position. However, do not secure them with metal because metal-on-metal can cause sparks.

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