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May 8, 2015

Tips for Preventing a DWI

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We all know that drinking and driving can have some very dangerous consequences. Not to mention, you can face hefty fines, higher auto insurance premiums and even jail time if you’re caught driving while intoxicated. Yes, consuming alcohol can contribute to a fun night out; but if you’re planning on drinking, be sure to make arrangements so you don’t have to get behind the wheel while drunk. Here are a few tips for avoiding a DWI.

Going Out at Night

  • Talk to your group of friends and select one person to be the designated driver for the night. That person should refrain from drinking so he or she can drive everyone home safely at the end of the night.

  • If everyone would rather drink over the course of the evening, make other plans to use public transportation. Trains or buses are good options, but calling a cab or ride sharing service is your best bet.

  • Another option is to make plans to stay the night near the venue of the night’s festivities. You can book a room at a hotel or crash at a nearby friend’s place, so long as you can walk or take public transportation to get there.

Throwing a House Party

  • Most house parties boast an array of alcoholic beverages, but make sure your bar is also stocked with sodas, juices and, most importantly, water.

  • In addition to various beverages, provide snacks (or call for a potluck party) to help absorb some of the alcohol consumption.

  • As the night winds down, cut off the alcohol supply so people are left with an hour or so to sober up.

  • If guests are still too drunk to get behind the wheel when it’s time to go, either call a cab or take their keys and let them crash in a spare bedroom or on the couch.

If you’re caught driving drunk, you will probably be required to file an SR-22 form. This acts as proof of insurance and if your auto insurance lapses while your SR-22 is active, your insurer is required to inform the DMV, which may result in license suspension. It’s better to stay safe in the first place.

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