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November 18, 2016

The Insurance Consequences of Driving Drunk

Driving under the influence is dangerous and life threatening to you and to others. Many people recognize this risk. They may not know, though, just how impactful driving after a drink or two can be to their abilities.

If you drive drunk and receive a DUI charge, you could face financial implications. DUI insurance is just one of them. Take a look at what you can expect to pay and what the impact on your finances could be.

What Could DUIs Cost You?

It is important to look at the specific costs that could impact you if you get a DUI and face consequences as a result.

  • You’ll pay court fees associated with the charges as a first step. These differ but can account for several hundred dollars.
  • Your auto insurance rates will likely go up. The cost depends on how many DUIs you’ve had as well as other factors. DUI insurance tends to be significantly higher than traditional auto insurance.
  • If you lose your license, you may have to take a drivers’ education course to get it back. This can cost up to $2500. Additionally, you may have to pay a reinstatement fee which can be as high as $250 in some states.
  • With a DUI conviction, you may face stipulations of your drive to and from work. Some people may not be able to drive if they have a suspended sentence. This may mean you cannot get to and from work.
  • If you have a DUI conviction and you are a trucker or other individual that drives for a living, you may lose your commercial license or your employment.

Overall, the cost of having a DUI is significant. There are plenty of additional risks as well. For those who have had a DUI, insurance options exist in most cases. Taking every step you can to minimize these risks and occurrences tends to be the better option. Work closely with your car insurance agent to get into the policy that fits your unique needs.

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