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August 14, 2018

The Importance Of Avoiding Drivers License Points

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Let’s say you get pulled over for speeding. At first, you’ll likely think very little of it. But a traffic offense, even a minor one, is a breach of the law. The infraction might reflect on you for some time, especially if you get points on your license. Drivers might not realize that points can have side effects as they accumulate.

As a driver, it’s your job to keep the number of points on your license low or non-existent. You’ll often benefit both financially and legally from being a good driver.

How Do Points Work?

State traffic authorities (the police and DMV) like to have a way to judge how drivers operate. Many states use a points system to determine the overall safety of drivers. So, if you get caught breaking driving law, you’ll likely receive a black mark on your record for a period.

States with points systems tend to manage them differently. But points systems generally have the following characteristics.

  • If the police cite you for a driving offense, the charge will come with a corresponding points rating. For example, a simple speeding ticket might only add one point. DUIs or more severe charges will add more points.
  • Drivers who accumulate a certain number of points can face license suspensions. Keep in mind, other penalties can still go with driving charges, even if you get points.
  • Points generally disappear from licenses after a certain number of years. Points from more severe charges often remain on your record for a longer period.

Why Points Can Cost You

If a teacher caught you doing something wrong in school, they might have noted it on your report card. Points on driver’s licenses function much the same way. They indicate that you have done something wrong. This can have negative consequences for the driver.

Points might lead to license suspensions. Yet, they could make life harder for you in other ways as well. If your car insurer sees that you have points, they might take it as a sign that you are a high-risk driver. As such, they might assume that you have a higher likelihood of filing a claim on your policy. As a result, they might have raise your car insurance policy costs.

Don’t put yourself in a situation where you might have to pay more for your insurance. Drive with care and obey the law. That will help reduce your chances of accumulating points on your license.

If you have existing points, contact your ACF Insurance agent. Your agent can help you look for discounts or policy adjustments that can help you save on coverage.

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