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Like many businesses, your company may own mobile machinery. Examples are a backhoe or a truck-mounted crane that you use on your premises or at a job site. In the insurance industry, such machinery is called mobile equipment. This article will explain what mobile equipment is, and how it differs from an auto. READ MORE >>

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Working with your employees all week, year after year, builds a bond; one that is very similar to a familial bond in some instances. With a strong bond and company culture, employee theft may be the last scenario you examine when you are analyzing why business margins are falling. READ MORE >>

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Many business owners believe that business insurance is really a luxury for more established companies. Even though it is true that business insurance does take a piece of the budget, it is a cost every business—no matter the size, industry or length of time in business—should plan for. READ MORE >>

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Whether you’ve decided to terminate an employee or simply got stuck with the unpleasant task, it’s hard to be the bearer of bad news. But, even if you’re uncomfortable, it’s important to terminate an employee in a way that allows him or her to maintain dignity. READ MORE >>

Imagine a home business that’s running successfully and growing at a steady pace over the years, then disaster strikes when a client hurts themselves on the property. The business owner assumes that his basic homeowner’s insurance policy covers his liability in the accident, but since it’s business-related, he’s left on the hook for medical bills and lawsuits. READ MORE >>

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One of the perks of the computer age has been the ability to work from home. Typically people who set up a home office use a spare room that is dedicated to that purpose. It’s also become increasingly common for people to work from their home office exclusively, never setting up an office at another location. READ MORE >>

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