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February 23, 2017

Safe Driving Techniques for Winter Nights

The days are getting
longer, which means you might spend more time on the road than you have in the
last few months. You might be driving later than you have recently.

But, we aren’t quite to
spring yet. Temperatures can fluctuate quickly, and road conditions can
deteriorate fast.

As you venture out more
and more at night, you are assuming risks for both yourself and your vehicle.
Your car insurance can help protect you in case you have an accident. But, you
should do everything you can to not have an accident in the first place.

When you head out driving
in late winter, keep some of these safety tips in mind:

Before you leave home:

Check your car’s
headlights and windshield wipers. Weather can darken and become inclement
quickly at this time of year. These two vital systems are crucial to
maintaining visibility on the roads.

Make sure that
your engine and battery are still protected from cold weather. Check
anti-freeze levels and make sure that batteries aren’t worn or sparking.

Keep an emergency
kit in your vehicle. Include things like water, food, a warm blanket and
medical supplies. Also keep a method in your car to attract help, like
emergency flares or whistles.

Check your tires.
Rapid fluctuations in temperature can impact your tire pressure and make tires
unstable. Steep drops in temperature can also cause road surfaces to freeze
quickly. If your tires have deteriorated or worn out, your vehicle could skid
on the road.

On the road after dark:

Slow down and
watch for patches of icing in shaded areas or on bridges. Even if long
stretches of road thaws during the daylight, they could refreeze at night.

Use your lights
and wipers when any precipitation occurs. Be vigilant in case fog rolls in, as
the use of lights can impact fog visibility.

Drive responsibly.
If you are out to dinner and have consumed alcohol, do not drive. Call a cab or
allow a friend to drive. No amount of alcohol is worth the risk of a DUI or DWI

Look out for
pedestrians and other obstacles. Some common sights may not be visible after

When driving after dark
in the winter, you assume a lot of risks. As a driver, you should take proper
steps to keep both you and others safe.

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