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November 14, 2017

Reducing Your Auto Insurance Costs Following a DUI

If you’re caught driving while intoxicated, you’re breaking the law. Penalties are in effect in every state, with varying rules and regulations. Should you drive drunk, you may face Driving Under the Influence (DUI) or Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) charges.

DUI represents that you took a dangerous risk while driving. Your impaired actions may have led you to wreck, damage property or cause injury to others. In the eyes of your insurance company, a DUI charge is a red flag.

How DUIs Affect Your Insurance

After a DUI, your insurance company will likely consider you a high-risk driver. Higher driving risks mean insurers may very well expect you more likely to file a claim. Therefore, your cost risks in the eyes of your insurer will likely increase.

Your insurer may increase your policy premiums because you have the DUI on your record. Indeed, some insurers may cancel or refuse to renew the policies of those who receive DUIs. Not least, some insurers may also refuse to pay for claims that arise as a result of DUIs.

Ways to Control Negative Effects of DUIs on Insurance

You can likely see that undesirable penalties may arise from the receipt of a DUI. If this leads to increased costs, you may face pinches on your wallet. Yet, there are steps that DUI recipients can take to still control their insurance costs.

  • Remove your penalties from your record on time. DUI charges will likely not affect your driving record forever. Therefore, it is imperative that you meet all penalties of the charge. If you comply with your penalties, you can get back to normal in due time. The more time that elapses since your DUI, the more likely you are to see your rates drop.
  • Do not commit further driving infractions following a DUI. The more charges you accumulate, the more risky your insurance company may label you. Instead, attempt to become a more responsible driver. Some drivers even enroll in safe driving courses to reacquaint themselves with safe driving practices.
  • Ask about getting new insurance coverage. Your agent may be able to compare policies to still get you the most affordable coverage, even with a DUI. However, you may have to pay termination and enrollment fees to change policies. Therefore, make sure that you can really save more by switching than by staying on the same policy.
  • Even with a DUI, you still may qualify for policy discounts. They can help you save on coverage.

Following a DUI, your insurance agent can become your lifeline. Talk to them about the various ways to save on your policy following this penalty.

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