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June 13, 2018

Practical Discounts For New Drivers

New Drivers

Getting behind the wheel of your first car is a new and often scary experience. You’re going to face plenty of challenges trying to keep yourself safe. Let your car insurance be a backup in the event you can’t avoid a damaging incident.

Unfortunately, car insurance for new drivers doesn’t come as affordably as it does for more experienced drivers. Being young, you likely don’t have the luxury to deal with excessive car insurance costs. So, how can you keep your policy affordable? Fortunately, new drivers can likely still qualify for a variety of policy discounts.

Why Do New Drivers Face Higher Insurance Costs?

When you don’t have a lot of experience in a task, you have a higher chance of making a mistake. This holds true when you drive. New drivers have a statistically higher chance of having accidents or experiencing mishaps. These chances translate into what insurance companies call risk.

Insurers think of risk as the likelihood you have of filing a claim. When you file a claim, you cause a cost burden to the insurer, because they might have to pay you for a loss. New drivers, because they don’t have a lot of experience, usually have higher risk ratings. If you have a high likelihood of filing a claim, your insurer might raise your policy premiums to make up the costs they might incur under a potential claim.

Discounting Your Policy Prices

Even though you might pay more as a new driver, that doesn’t mean your rates need to be unmanageable. Many insurers offer a variety of policy discount. Some of these might prove beneficial to you:

  • Student discounts award drivers who are in school. Often, if you maintain good grades, you can continue to receive the discount.
  • Accident-free discounts apply to almost all drivers. If you don’t make a claim on your policy, your premium costs will likely remain low.
  • Safe driving course discounts kick in if you have passed a defensive driving course. These courses can help teach you techniques that might make you safer behind the wheel.

Of course, your policy itself will impact your prices. Ask your insurance agent how your limits and deductibles can impact your premiums. Your agent can likely help you balance your coverage to get the best prices. If you work with ACF Insurance, our agents can compare the policies of different insurers to help you find the best-priced coverage.

Don’t let your new driver status drive up your coverage costs. Work with your ACF Insurance agent, and you can likely benefit from coverage.

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