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August 15, 2017

Potential Penalties for DUI and DWI Charges

Unlocking CarEvery state handles its DUI laws differently. Depending on where a driver receives a DUI, they can expect to face a different set of consequences.

DUI law often varies based on location and the severity of the offense. Some states, North Carolina included, classify DUI charges in different stages. North Carolina’s Driving While Intoxicated (DWI) levels range from Stage One to Stage Five. To receive each charge, alleged offenders meet certain criteria. Stage Five DWIs are often the least severe, while Stage One charges are the most serious.

Based on the charges they receive, DUI offenders can expect different penalties. These may range from negative impacts on auto insurance to a prison term.

Insurance Impacts of DUI Charges

Driving under the influence leads to impairment that may cause wrecks, injuries and death. A DUI charge could cause negative effects on a driver’s auto insurance.

Impaired driving poses a huge risk to the driver. DUI charges often represent a very high risk in the eyes of an auto insurer. Some insurers may drastically increase premium rates, while others will drop coverage for drivers convicted of DUI offenses. North Carolina drivers have to carry auto insurance. Therefore, they may have to search for adequate coverage after this charge. A proper DUI insurance policy can adequately protect the driver once they get back on the road.

Other Penalties of DUI Charges

North Carolina DUI offenders often face more than just insurance penalties. They may face a variety of other driving-related disciplinary action.

  • SR-22: An SR-22 is a certificate that verifies for the state DMV that you have active, comprehensive auto insurance. Drivers often have to carry these certificates for a couple of years following a DUI. North Carolina does not have a statewide SR-22 law. However, if you have an SR-22 requirement from another state, you could have to keep it on your record in NC.
  • License Suspension: All levels of North Carolina DWI charges come with license suspensions. You might lose your driver’s license, and the state might be able to seize the vehicle.
  • Prison or Probation: Prison sentences, probation or community service can come as common penalties in NC.
  •  Driving Monitoring: Certain North Carolina DWI offenders have to carry ignition interlock system on the car. These devices keep the vehicles from starting if drivers have consumed alcohol.
  • Drug Assessments: Many DUI offenders have to undergo drug testing, treatment or probation meetings to maintain their driving privileges.
  • Fines: All levels of NC DUI offenders come with a fine.

Though each state will have different penalties, DUI charges are serious infractions. Drivers should therefore expect these charges should they choose to offend.

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