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January 23, 2017

Maintaining Your Insurance When You Have a DUI

Receiving a DUI or DWI charge is an unfortunate and sometimes quite costly occurrence. The best way to avoid a charge like this is to not drive while under the influence. Sobriety and responsibility are really the only ways to keep yourself safe when on the road.

Even if an unfortunate charge like this does happen, it is not the end of the world. However, drivers must take responsibility for their actions. Ensure that you work to protect your own liability after the charge.

In the event of a DUI, you will likely see changes to your driving record and to your insurance requirements. You should maintain contact with your insurance company and your local traffic authorities.

Remember to take these steps after receiving a DUI charge:

Answer to the Charges

The first step to restoring your driving reputation is to answer to your DUI charges. This includes following the judicial process and abiding by all penalties and sentences. 

By doing so, you can work to restore your driving record and prove that you are still a trustworthy driver.

Notify Your Insurance Carrier

A DUI charge almost always affects your insurance coverage. DUIs will usually affect your rates, and you will likely pay more. Some companies may even drop your coverage after a charge like this.

In some cases, your local courts notify your insurance company of the charge. However, the guilty party usually must initiate contact with the insurance company.

Regardless of whether you lose your current policy, you insurance company can guide you to choose appropriate coverage.

Do you need SR-22 coverage?

An SR-22 certificate is a document that many states require after a DUI. SR-22 certificates verify for your state DMV offices that you carry insurance. Your insurance company will usually issue the certificate for a nominal fee. The SR-22 is not an insurance policy.

SR-22s usually expire after a period of years. You usually have to maintain insurance and a clean driving record for the lifetime of the SR-22. If you lose insurance coverage, your insurance company must tell state DMV. The DMV will likely extend the SR-22 penalty.

Don’t Repeat Offenses

You should do everything you can to not get another DUI charge.You should also abide by all SR-22, rehabilitation, probation and other penalties you receive. It is imperative that you pay your penalties. This will make sure that you restore your driving reputation.

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