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July 13, 2017

Improving Your Driving Safety After a DUI

No one wants to get a DUI or DWI. However, intoxicated and impaired driving are serious offenses. When you commit such a violation, you pose a dangerous risk to yourself, your vehicle and others on the road.

If the court convicts you on a DUI charge, you might worry about how this will affect your auto insurance rates. Because of this charge, your insurance company might deem you a high insurance risk. You could see insurance costs rise, or even lose your coverage following a DUI.

Following a DUI, adjust your insurance coverage to better cover the risks you pose as a high risk driver. This might mean price changes for your coverage. If you see an increase in your auto insurance rate, you might wonder how you can control this increase.

It may take some time following a conviction for you to see any reduction in your auto insurance rate. But, there are things you can do in the meantime to prove that you will not commit another DUI offense.

Many drivers do not re-offend following a single DUI offense. You might improve rates by taking proactive steps to improve your driving record.

  • Answer honestly to all charges following the DUI. Also follow all penalties, and serve any probation or pay any fines required of you.
  • Consider taking a defensive driving course. This course can help you reacquaint yourself with driving safety requirements. It can help you raise your own awareness and become a safer driver. Your insurance company might offer a discount if you provide proof that you passed a course.
  • Remain safe on the road. This should mean much more than just avoiding another DUI charge. Avoid other infractions as well. Avoid speeding, pay attention to pedestrians, and obey all traffic signs.
  • Even if you continue to consume alcohol, put in place practices that will help you avoid DUI arrests. Take public transportation or a ride share when you need to get around town. Assign a designated driver if you plan to use your own vehicle. If you have consumed any alcohol at all, do not drive. Hold yourself to rigorous standards to avoid getting another charge on your record.

Even though DUI charges are not good news, you can become a safer driver. Doing so might help you get control over increasing insurance rates.

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