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September 23, 2019

I Hit My House With My Car. Which Insurance Pays?

Car Crashing Into House

You probably know your home better than anyone. You know how to navigate around the driveway and parking areas to avoid accidents. However, no plan to avoid accidents is foolproof. Your foot might slip one day, sending your car crashing into your house before you have time to react.

Collisions with your house are often embarrassing, time-consuming and costly. You’ll probably have to turn to both your car insurance and your homeowners policy to pay for the damage. One policy alone is usually not enough to cover your losses.

Collision Coverage Pays For Your Car Damage

If you accidentally back your car into your house, then the accident will be deemed your fault. After all, it certainly wasn’t the house’s fault. Therefore, your homeowners liability policy cannot possibly apply to the damage the car sustains.

Therefore, you’ll need to file a claim against your collision insurance for the damage claim. Collision insurance pays for vehicle damage from collisions, as its name suggests. Backing into your house certainly qualifies as this type of loss.

Auto Liability Insurance Does Not Pay For House Damage

By hitting your house with your car, you might cause considerable structural damage. Furthermore, in severe cases, you might actually crash through the structure and damage the interior. That could lead to even higher damage costs.

Because you caused the accident while driving, you might wonder if your auto liability insurance pays for the damage. It won’t, by definition.

Liability insurance covers damage that you cause to other parties. Your house is your own property. So, technically, even though you are at-fault for the damage, you aren’t liable for damage done to yourself.

Therefore, liability coverage generally can’t accommodate you. A few exceptions may apply, such as if you hit a home you rent which belongs to a landlord. Talk to your ACF Insurance Services agent about the exact nature of the claim you wish to make.

Filing Against Homeowners Insurance Policy

Because car insurance won’t pay for the house’s damage, you might have no other resource but to look to your homeowners insurance for help. Your homeowners policy will usually cover damage done by a car, even your own. Of course, limits and deductible will apply, so at times, it may not be worth filing a claim.

However, if you have bundled your homeowners and car insurance with the same company, you’ll often be able to access both policies at once, and compare the appropriate ways to file a claim for the respective damage. Keep in mind, because a collision with your house was an at-fault accident, you might see an increase in your premiums in the future.

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