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December 8, 2017

How To Minimize Skidding On Ice This Winter

Car Crash on an Icy Road

Winter weather brings dangers along with it. Auto insurance claims can rise in the winter months when road conditions are poor. Icy roads are a big part of these risks.

Maintaining car insurance is essential. It can help an owner avoid a hit to the wallet should an accident occur. However, it’s best to prevent accidents in the first place. How can you reduce the risk of accidents on icy roads?

Know When Not to Drive

A good way to reduce your risks is by limiting driving in poor conditions. Heed any type of warning given by your local authorities. Avoid being on the road whenever you can avoid it. This is especially important when roadways are covered in snow and ice. You cannot have a wreck if you are not driving.

If you must drive, avoid un-cleared roads, bridges or isolated, covered patches of roads. Certain roads often freeze easier than other surfaces.

Check Your Tires

Tires serve as a tool to help your vehicle grip the road surface. The amount of tread on the tires makes this possible.

What is the tread? It’s the amount of raised edge along the tire’s surface. There are grooves between each area of tread. The deeper these groves are, the more grip the vehicle has. Ask your mechanic to inspect your tires. Determine if it is time for a replacement. Keeping an eye on the tread will help ensure your car has enough grip to maintain some traction on slick winter roads.

Know How to Skid

Even in safe vehicles, skids can happen. If you feel the vehicle start to slide, and you don’t have control, keep the following tips in mind:

  • DO NOT hit the brakes. Do not brake quickly if you begin to slide. Braking will actually make the skid worse, since brakes put pressure on the tires.
  • DO NOT over-correct. Over-correcting occurs when you turn the wheel quickly in the opposite direction that the vehicle is turning. It’s a natural reaction for panicked drivers. But it actually accelerates the skid and increases the risk of a collision.
  • DO turn the wheel properly. Turn the wheel in the direction you’re sliding. More specifically, turn your steering wheel in the direction the back end of the car is moving. This helps to slow the skid. It helps the vehicle stop as well.

It can be hard to manage the vehicle on icy roads. Know your limits. Take a few minutes to update your auto insurance, too. Contact ACF Insurance for more information.

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