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November 25, 2020

How Do You Improve Your Driving Record?

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As many drivers know, your driving record has perhaps the biggest influence on your car insurance rates. Keeping your driving record clean is easier said than done, however. The average person will be involved in around 5 accidents throughout their lifetime and not all of these are avoidable or even your fault.

Keep an Eye on Your Accidents

Unfortunately, there is not a lot you can do if you already have a poor driving record. Different accidents last to varying degrees on your record. A single at-fault accident could stay on your record for 3 to 5 years depending on the severity of the accident. This means that, for this period of time, the accident can still affect your car insurance rates. There is little you can do once an accident actually occurs. You cannot expunge an accident from your record once it’s there. Instead, you will have to look for other ways to save money while you wait for the accident to drop off.

Other violations and accidents last for different periods of time. It also depends on where you live. In many states, DUIs and DWIs can last on your record for upwards of 10 years. These violations are also likely to have the biggest impact on your car insurance rates.

There are common mistakes drivers make when it comes to accidents on their record, however. When your insurance rates go up due to an accident, it is not recommended that you immediately search for a new policy at a different insurer. The chances are that your current insurer will work with you to save money even after an accident, while a new insurer will likely charge you more.

Be sure to speak with your insurance agent after an accident to find out if you can save money in other areas. Even drivers with a poor driving record can qualify for certain car insurance discounts. Many insurance agents will recommend that you take a safe driving course. A safe driving course allows you to prove that you know how to drive safely and can lead to a drop in your car insurance rates.

To avoid accidents as much as possible, make sure you avoid distractions on the road, drive alert and careful, and obey all traffic laws. Also, make sure to check your car insurance policy to ensure that you are covered in case of an accident.

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