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July 19, 2016

Could an App Help You Avoid Driving While Intoxicated?

What are you doing if you are a driver who needs DUI insurance? If you have had a driving under the intoxication charge or you now have points on your license, you may be concerned about your risks. You are a higher risk to your auto insurance provider. What can you do to avoid having to have a high-priced car insurance plan?

Avoid Additional Charges

The most important step to take to reduce your need for DUI insurance is to avoid additional charges. While this may seem easy to some people, for others it is more challenging. Do you know when you have had too much to drink and should not get behind the wheel? Making the decision to drive or not is a big deal ,and you may not be in the right frame of mind to make such a decision at all times. That’s where apps can help you.

How Can an App Help You?

Apps or downloadable applications to smartphones can be highly effective tools. You always have your smartphone in your hand. Why not allow it to help you to make better decisions?

  • Check out Blood Alcohol Calculator. This tool allows you to track the drinks you have taken in over the day. This tool then tells you what your estimated BAC is. You can use it as a tool to gauge just how at risk you may be.

  • Have a Plan. This is one of the best free apps available to those who want to prevent themselves from making the wrong mistake. It allows you to create a plan or a list of names and numbers you can call when you feel that you are impaired and unable to drive.

  • Breathometer works, too. This app does require the use of an external device. However, when you use it, it can tell you what your BAC is and give you a very specific bit of information about whether or not you are safe to drive.

When you take these simple steps, you can help to reduce the risks that you will be filing a car insurance claim because you’ve been in an accident. Do not overlook the value of a simple app like this. It could save you from another DUI.

Stay safe on the road. Call ACF Insurance Services Inc at (919) 661-1100 for more information on Raleigh DUI insurance.

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