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October 25, 2013

Contents Insurance Covers Your Assets

Home ProfileYour house is filled with furniture, artwork, collectibles and many more comforts that make it a home. These possessions are extremely valuable to you, yet you may not stop to asses that value until something goes awry. Contents insurance is a rider for homeowners insurance that will protect your assets after claimable events.

A homeowners policy comes with a limited amount of contents coverage based on the overall value of your personal property. However, if you possess a variety of high-dollar items (such as diamond jewelry, electronics, musical instruments or antiques), your basic home insurance will not cover their replacement. Purchasing additional contents insurance will ensure their protection, alongside that of your house.

The best way to ensure full replacement value when filing a claim is to take a home inventory. Go room to room and list each individual asset that’s important to you, its value, model number and a short description. Better yet, take photos and store them with your inventory list. Keep your list current; revisit it biannually to make note of new purchases.

After completing your inventory, store it in a safe place. If it’s a digital file, back it up and make a few hard copies to give to a neighbor, add to your safety deposit box and file with your insurance agent. Having a concrete, up-to-date record of your possessions will streamline the claim process in the event of damage or loss.

Protect your home and everything inside that brings you comfort. Call ACF Insurance Services Inc at (919) 878-7786 for more information on Raleigh homeowners insurance.

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