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November 13, 2014

Can Cleaning and Updating Restrooms Help Your Business Avoid an Insurance Claim?

Quote and Buy Business Insurance NowIf you own or manage a business, then you know that it’s important to keep expenses down to maintain a profit. One non-negotiable expense is insurance for your business, but you can keep that cost down by avoiding a claim. One of the most effective ways to do that is quite surprising. Simply keep your restrooms clean and updated.

Whether you have a retail location, a restaurant or any other type of business, you have a restroom that clients and customers will use, either on an occasional or regular basis. A neglected bathroom can be the cause of a slip or fall, leading to an injury that will require paperwork and an insurance claim. The biggest culprit is water on the floors. An overflowing sink or a clogged toilet can go unnoticed and if the restroom is not checked regularly, these situations can get out of control quickly, resulting in an unsafe situation.

Many businesses have outdated plumbing and fixtures, but claim they can’t afford the expense of installing new ones. However, small businesses are finding that replacing high-volume sinks with touchless automatic fixtures are saving money by using as little as half the water and eliminating the problem of the overflowing sink.

Efficient hand dryers are also a wise choice when upgrading commercial bathrooms. Paper towels are another expense that can be eliminated by the use of dryers. High velocity dryers are efficient, save money and keep things clean and safe.

While bathrooms are often the lowest priority for business owners, falls in the bathroom can result in costly head and neck injuries which end up costing the company money in the long run in medical bills, expenses and increased insurance premiums. By keeping restrooms clean and updated, not only will you have a more aesthetically pleasant space, but a safer one as well.

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