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January 16, 2018

Becoming A More Responsible Drinker

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You might have heard the plea to drink responsibly recently in television ads, radio announcements and even the electronic signage on highways. This is because alcohol consumption tends to raise impairment risks. Almost nowhere is this risk more threatening than behind the wheel of a vehicle.

That’s why the authorities take intoxicated driving so seriously. If you’re found behind the wheel while drunk, you will likely face a DUI or DWI charge. These are serious breaches of the law, as they severely threaten public safety. Penalties associated with DUIs might include fines, jail time, loss of driving privileges and increased insurance rates.

How To Be A Responsible Drinker

Many of the penalties associated with DUIs can hit you in the wallet. You might have to pay a ticket or fine to have your license reinstated. Your auto insurer might terminate your coverage or raise your rates. These outcomes could cost you a lot of money.

Therefore, the best way to avoid DUI is to not drink and drive. Responsible alcohol consumption can protect you not only behind the wheel, but also in your everyday life.

Here are some tips to help you become a more responsible drinker.

  • If you plan to drink socially, drink only at your own risk. Even one drink could make driving hazardous. Give your keys to a responsible person who will not allow you to drive if impaired.
  • Consider hiring a ride share, cab, or assigning a designated drive to ensure you get home safely from a night of socializing. At worst, leave your vehicle at the bar and come back for it the next day.
  • Know your own limits. You should always consume alcohol with care. Remember, alcohol can impair your ability to make informed decisions. Therefore, you shouldn’t drink in situations where you might become tempted to make risky choices.
  • Eat food, drink water, and sip your drink. These practices might not preventing intoxication. But they could slow its severity and risks.
  • Do not accept unfamiliar drinks. Also, don’t drink under pressure from others. These scenarios could have dangerous outcomes.
  • If you have health issues that alcohol consumption might impact, avoid drinking. Alcohol can have detrimental, and even life-threatening, effects in these cases.
  • Never drink to excess. The U.S. Department of Health and Human Services and U.S. Department of Agriculture define moderate drinking as one drink per day for women and two for men. If you drink irresponsibly, you run the risk of health issues.

Remember, it is okay not to drink. If you feel your ability to drive safely, make informed decisions or stay healthy will be impacted by drinking, avoid alcohol. You might save yourself from a DUI incident – or worse – if you do.

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