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May 22, 2017

Auto Insurance for Your Electric Vehicle

Electric vehicles are becoming more common and sought after than ever before. With the help of the right auto insurance policy, you’ll be able to keep that vehicle operating at its best.

These vehicles are very new to the market, even though versions of them have been around for many years. What do you need to take into consideration when insuring electric vehicles? There are, in fact, a few things you should know.

Protecting the Value of the Vehicle

Some of today’s most advanced electric vehicles are very high-priced. These are valuable cars with many add-ons that increase their value.

When selecting auto insurance, ensure you buy a plan with exceptional property protection. Comprehensive insurance will often cover the vehicle from fires, theft, and vandalism. Collision insurance usually protects the vehicle should you be in a wreck.

You may also consider endorsements that extend the coverage of onboard equipment and electronics. Talk to your car insurance provider about the value of adding endorsements or extended coverage for any tech onboard such as GPS systems, communications, or speaker systems. Many electric vehicles have better features to match driver needs.

Also, note any onboard safety features. If you have collision avoidance software or updated GPS systems, you may qualify for a discount. Anti-theft devices can also help lower your car insurance costs.

General Liability Insurance

Your typical general liability plan will likely cover your electric vehicle. Liability coverage protects other drivers and property owners if you should cause an accident that results in their loss. Your liability insurance doesn’t necessarily need to be higher because your vehicle is electric. But, it should match the amount and type of risk present in your area.

Finding the Right Policy for You

Purchasing auto insurance for electric vehicles does not have to be hard.

Comprehensive coverage tends to be an excellent option for these highly valuable vehicles. Your car insurance provider will work closely with you to choose a policy that matches the risks in your area. And, because these vehicles are becoming more common, they may be easier to cover than you realize.

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