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January 28, 2014

5 Tips for Winter Car Care

Taking care of your car can be a grueling task, but, when done properly, it will ensure your car’s safety and efficiency in the year’s most treacherous weather conditions. Try the following five tips for winter car care:

1.       Clear the windshield: It’s important to find a quick, effective method of clearing ice and snow off of your windshield. Never use hot water because it can refreeze as you drive or even crack your windshield. Rather, try using a solution of one part water and two parts rubbing alcohol (or vinegar). This mixture will cut through the frost residue, allowing you to easily scrape off the remaining slush. You can also add rubbing alcohol to your windshield wiper fluid reservoir to assist while driving.

2.       De-ice locks: You can buy commercial products to break away the pesky ice that builds up inside of car door locks. But there’s also a DIY method. Dip your key into a bottle of hand sanitizer and work it into the lock. The alcohol content will help penetrate the ice.

3.       Check your tire pressure: Tire pressure can fluctuate rapidly in cold temperatures. Check it every few weeks and before any road trip. Properly inflated tires allow your car to drive more efficiently, which can even save you money on fuel.

4.       New tires: If your tire treads are low and/or if you live in a harsh climate, you should buy new snow tires. These tires have deep treads that are designed to deliver up to 50 percent more traction. When buying snow tires, always buy all four to avoid impaired handling.

5.       Emergency kit: Keeping emergency supplies in your car can help in a variety of winter-related problems. Some good items to include are a cell phone and car charger, shovel, sand or kitty litter, flashlight with extra batteries, blanket or sleeping bag, jumper cables, tow rope, food and water, road flares, etc.

Winter road conditions can be risky, but we’ve got your back. Call ACF Insurance Services, Inc. at (919) 661-1100 for more information on Raleigh car insurance.

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