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October 7, 2014

5 Items Everyone Should Have in a Car

Family in car with dogAs we all know, the weather can change in a matter of minutes and you might get stuck on the road. In preparation for storms that might delay you anywhere from a few minutes to a few hours, there are five items you should have in your car.

  1. Flares or triangles: Flares or triangles are easy to find at any auto store or even online. They even have triangles that are battery operated and easy to see in any storm. If you get a flat tire, or have to pull over because you can’t see in a rain or snow storm, these will help other drivers see your position, which can prevent a car accident.
  2. Cat litter: Cat litter can help you get unstuck. If your car is stuck in snow or mud, cat litter can provide you some traction and save you on towing bills. Once you are unstuck, you can get out of the way of other cars and avoid being hit by other drivers.
  3. Blanket: Every car should have a blanket just in case you get stuck. You never know when you will need to pull over and let a storm pass. A blanket will keep you and your passengers warm. The blanket can also be used for traction if you are stuck and don’t have that cat litter.
  4. Food and drink: If you are going on a trip, pack some extra food and water in the car. If you have to pull over and wait out a storm, or wait on the road for a traffic accident ahead, the food and water will help everyone stay comfortable.
  5. De-icer: During the winter months, it can become so cold that rain freezes on your windshield. You can get out and chip it off, or you can use de-icer. De-icer is much easier and can be used to take ice off windows and even help open frozen doors.

Be that proactive driver today and equip your car. These things are easy to find and don’t take much space.

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