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February 11, 2022

4 Simple Ways Seniors Can Save Money on Car Insurance

After retirement, it’s time for seniors to enjoy their lives: spend time with friends and family, and travel the world. With a focus on the finer things in life, paying high auto insurance premiums is the last thing seniors want to do. Fortunately, there are ways seniors can save money on their car insurance while continuing to maintain the coverage they need. 

1. Get a Senior Discount 
The most obvious way for seniors to save money is to ask for a senior discount. Many insurance companies offer seniors discounts because they know after retirement, people’s incomes are often less and insurers want to continue to have seniors as customers. Getting a senior discount on your car insurance isn’t a difficult process; often, it’s just a matter of asking your insurance agent. Old man driving a car

2. Reduce Your Coverage 
Once you retire, seniors don’t have to drive as often as they used to each day. When seniors don’t have to travel to and from work each day, they aren’t as exposed to risks as they once were. As a result, many seniors can reduce their auto insurance coverage to better meet their needs. Seniors should ask their agent what coverage options are available to keep adequate coverage to ensure they aren’t placed at a financial disadvantage if they are in an accident. 

3. Take a Driving Class 
Seniors who are paying more for their insurance should consider taking a driver’s education class. Driver’s education classes are often offered by businesses in order to keep the highways safe. With a driver’s education class under their belt, seniors can reduce the cost of their insurance by driving safer and avoiding accidents, especially if they have a history of accidents. 

4. Purchase an Older Car 
One of the factors insurance companies consider when rating insurance is the type of car a person drives. Fancy, sporty cars cost more to repair, causing the owners to pay more for auto insurance. Even though some seniors may dream of driving their ultimate dream car once they retire, they can save handsomely if they purchased a practical, safe car. 

Most seniors are looking forward to retiring. Once they’ve retired, they should consider a number of measures to reduce the cost of car insurance. 

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