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June 12, 2017

3 Things Ride Share Drivers Should Know About Auto Insurance

Many people toss around the idea of being a ride share driver. It is a creative way to earn extra cash on nights, weekends and holidays.

What could be easier? You already have a car and know your town. You want to earn extra for your family vacation. This is the perfect opportunity to pad your pocket book. But is it? 

There are few things that most people, including existing ride share drivers, do not know about their personal insurance in relation to their driving activities. Here are three things you need to know before you log on and accept your next ride:

Auto insurance companies can and may drop you if they find out that you drive for pay.

By industry standards, you’re operating a commercial vehicle if you accept payment for rides. An auto insurance on your personal vehicle is not the same as it is for commercial vehicles.

By driving for a ride share company, you’re likely violating your car insurance policy. Additionally, you’re likely on the road far more than you would be if you weren’t driving for pay. This alone increases your risk of having an accident.

Yes, a new and different policy will cost you, but it’s better to be proactive. Ask your insurance provider if you can get a commercial auto insurance policy. 

You might pay higher premiums in the future.

For those caught in violation of a personal policy, the insurance company might drop them with little warning. Being dropped is not a good thing. It’s a red flag for future insurers whom you work with. You’ll be might face higher premiums to offset the risk that you present to the company. Driving without coverage is illegal. So, it’s essential to understand how your insurance policy works. Don’t commit violations that make insurance harder to obtain.

Your ride share company’s insurance doesn’t cover the gaps. 

Sure, the ride share company offers you insurance to cover yourself as you get people around town. But, they might not cover you all the time you’re in your car and driving.

For example, the time when you’re in your car and online, but without a ride request, you aren’t covered. If you were rear-ended during this time, the company insurance doesn’t cover you. Additionally their liability coverage usually isn’t high enough.  

We’ve got you covered. ACF Insurance Services Inc can help you determine how to insure your ride share job. Call us at (919) 661-1100 to learn more about our Garner auto insurance options. One of our agents can help you get a quote right now.

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