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September 19, 2012

3 Benefits to Bundling Insurance

Bundling documentsBundling insurance means having multiple policies with a single insurance company. It doesn’t matter what types of insurance you choose to have through a single carrier just that you have multiple policies. Bundling your policies has its advantages, they include:

  1. Policy discounts: Some insurance companies offer incentives for customers who bundle policies with them, which can include a discount on your premiums. These discounts not only make insurance more affordable, but they can also allow you to lower your deductibles freeing you of some of the risk assumed with a higher deductible.
  2. Easy Bill Pay: Having only one carrier to pay premiums to can make the paying your bills each month or year much easier. This is especially true if you pay your premiums online.
  3. Convenient Claims Process: Sometimes and insurable event can affect more than one of your assets. When you have to deal with several different insurance companies for claims resulting from one event, it makes the claims process that much more difficult; by bundling your policies, the claims process becomes much more convenient.

Whether you decide to bundle with one carrier or not, getting all of your policies from one agency can offer similar advantages. We’ll help you work with the insurance companies and develop premium due dates that better fit into your life. Just give us a call to start taking control of your insurance coverage. Call (919) 878-7786 for a Raleigh auto insurance quote.

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