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Whether you’ve decided to terminate an employee or simply got stuck with the unpleasant task, it’s hard to be the bearer of bad news. But, even if you’re uncomfortable, it’s important to terminate an employee in a way that allows him or her to maintain dignity. READ MORE >>

Construction is a hazardous industry year-round, but the risks increase during the harsh winter months. While more dangers are present, construction can safely continue so long as supervisors and workers know how to prevent and handle any potential winter-related issues that may arise. READ MORE >>

Taking care of your car can be a grueling task, but, when done properly, it will ensure your car’s safety and efficiency in the year’s most treacherous weather conditions. Try the following five tips for winter car care: 1. READ MORE >>

If you have recently had a conviction for DUI or DWI in North Carolina we can help you with DUI Auto Insurance. Getting a conviction like this is never something that you plan for, but we can make the process of getting the proper insurance coverage and filings in order for your license to be reinstated easy and painless. READ MORE >>

Think you know everything about auto insurance? Take our pop quiz, true or false version, to measure your knowledge.    1. If I buy a red car, I’ll pay higher car insurance.    2. Some form of liability insurance is required in every state.    3. READ MORE >>

Have a fun and safe New Years!  Some things to remember... If you plan on being in a crowd... Be mindful of your surroundings and how others are acting, and give a wide enough space to those who seem out of control. READ MORE >>

Starting next month, folks in downtown Raleigh who have had one drink too many should think twice before getting behind the wheel: Raleigh police plan to deploy a squad of officers whose sole purpose is to detect and arrest impaired drivers in the city, particularly downtown. READ MORE >>

Just because your home appears to be clean doesn’t mean that it’s germ-free. Bacteria and other germs can grow and linger in certain areas if you do not clean them regularly, which can lead to sickness and bad odors. This list details 10 areas of your home that you may not know are filled with germs. READ MORE >>

Your house is filled with furniture, artwork, collectibles and many more comforts that make it a home. These possessions are extremely valuable to you, yet you may not stop to asses that value until something goes awry. Contents insurance is a rider for homeowners insurance that will protect your assets after claimable events. READ MORE >>

In many areas of the continental United States, the deteriorating weather conditions can exert extra strain on many of a car’s essential components. The extra work we often ask our cars to do in bad weather conditions can hasten wear and tear, and that can, in turn, lead to mechanical failures and adverse driving conditions. READ MORE >>

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